Payment Posting

Praxsys Healthcare interprets and posts insurance payments based on the insurance fee-schedule as per the contract to Maximize the reimbursement. We ensure all the payments received from insurance is paid as per contracted rate/fee-schedule.

Under payment, over payment are addressed to account receivable team on the same day as posted in the system to distinguishing between contracted fee-schedule and non-contracted fee-schedule.

By posting EOB/ERA payments, handling denials, patient responsibilities, write-offs, and adjustments, we ensure that the payment posting process is more effective and, as a result, generates more revenue to clients.

ERA setup and fund transfer as an additional means of boosting or accelerating the payment. In order to boost or maintain the financial flow, we assist ourclient to enroll on ERA setup with major payers. In addition we generate patient statement and follow up on unpaid billed on outstanding service.