• The crucial date for eligibility and benefit verification is at the time of service or earlier.

    All businesses and group practices are required to actively verify the eligibility and benefits of their patients' insurances prior to providing the requested services. This is one of the key components of successful invoicing. We take pride ourselves to ensure that each patient's eligibility and benefit verification are examined prior to the provision of services, and we ensure that 99.9% of your claim pass the initial rejection and denials.

    Our coders will be in charge of conducting a chart audit to guarantee that every document is correctly classified with CPT, HCPC, or ICD-10 diagnosis codes, with an accuracy rate of 96%.

    With regard to eligibility and benefit verification, we assist our clients in obtaining payment for their claims quickly and conveniently. As a partner in helping, you conduct business, we will promptly contact your patient regarding any changes in their demographic information and work with them to confirm coordination of benefits (COB) with Primary and Secondary Payers to ensure that every service you provide to the patient is paid at 100% without any delays.

    The majority of healthcare professionals, including doctors, are unaware of the managed care plans that their patients have with their existing insurance providers, and it's possible that even the patients are unaware of such programs. Praxsys Healthcare work togetherwith our client and confirm such intentions.

  • At Praxsys Healthcare, we actively support our clients' and partners' understanding of the fundamental requirements and the significance of pre-authorization as it relates to group-practice or individual providers' financial standing.

    We eliminate your workflow such as eligibility verification and pre-authorization so you won't have to deal with patient and insurance company disputes.

    Our coders will be in charge of the chart audit to make sure that every document is correctly classified with a 96% accuracy rate for CPT, HCPC, and ICD-10 diagnosis codes.

    Our goal is to enable your business to operate smoothly and without limitations.