Account Receivables

According to industry standards, account receivable / denial management team collaborate with our clients to ensure revenue is increased at an acceptable rate in accordance with in the payer contracted and non-contracted rate.

There are just a few large denials that can be resolved at the initial step, and some may need for client and payer follow-up.

For instance, before a claim is generated, modifier denial-related issues can be resolved rather than reworked after the denial is obtained. To guarantee that the payer makes a clean payment, our CPC certified coders will use the proper modifiers and CPT codes when coding.

Authorization-related refusal occurs, Praxsys Healthcare works with our client to ensure that each service or visit is based on the patient plan and priority in obtaining prior to providing the patient with the requested service. Ensureall patient policy is activebefore service rendered so clean claim is filed to the payers to minimize denial.

Dedicated accounts receivable team work on unpaid claim to make sure revenue is increasing to an acceptable level. We follow up with the payers by providing paperwork and, if necessary for promptly filing denials.

Appeals our aggressive follow up team focus and allows your practice to maximize claim paid which increases your revenue. We will process all paper works with the payer which includes medical records to reduce to denial and increase the revenue flow to your practice We make sure all your past claim is settled in full payment as accepted.