We closely work with our client that their top payers are been contracted with your practice. We evaluate our client necessary for any paper works with all the federal and commercial payer for contracting for value-based service provider at praxsys healthcare. We monitor and collaborate with our clients to ensure that their revenue is not impacted due to payer credentials. We make fundamentals necessary corrections for contracting.

Praxsys Healthcare specialises in signing contracts between our clients and Federal and Commercial payers in order to complete paperwork and eliminate out-of-network denials.

  • We ensure that our doctors and other providers are covered by all federal and private payers.
  • Gather all relevant payer contract paperwork from the resources available.
  • When contracting for a doctor's or provider's enrollment, we adhere to payer rules.
  • Send all required enrollment paperwork through fax, mail, or electronic means.
  • Form for Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Authorization.
  • Participating in a Medical Professional or Supplier Contract Form.
  • Examine the data already on file and upload your supplementary materials. Monitor the progress of the submitted documents.