Insurance Billing

Praxsys healthcare is responsible for submitting claim to Medicare, Medicaid, Tricare, No Fault/Personal Injury, Workers Compensation and Commercial Payer. We submit claims electronically or either by paper to Primary and secondary Payer’s. Billing Team cross verify before claim is generated to payers with 99.9% accuracy.

We also double check that the service level is not entered with any errors to ensure that clean claims are sent out to the payers, which is crucial to getting paid promptly without any rejection and denial. We also ensure new patient visit does not exceed the insurance criteria cap.

We make sure that a professional coder reviews the EHR or EMR to confirm that the correct code or diagnosis is included and makes any required adjustments in accordance with the specifications. Our team's primary focus on creating charges same day they are received and submitting to payer within 24 to 48 hours, and rejection will be covered following 48 hours.

Our Aim

To reduce issues with payers' payment deadlines, we only accept electronic submissions rather than paper. This will enable the clearing house and payer to monitor claim status so that denials is addressed on time.